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McDonald's Hamburger University installed eSignage1000


netMax, partner of Room Signage Systems GmbH, equips the McDonald's "Hamburger University" in Munich with the eSignage1000 The room bookings are displayed automatically and changed easily as needed. The "Hamburger University" is one of seven McDonald's training centers around the world and trains annually about 1400 employees, so the proven flexibility of the system is important.

McDonald's previously used a paper-based system, which was time consuming and often erroneous. The introduction of just 12 mm flat digital displays of Room Signage Systems GmbH in connection with the radio-based software combines cost-cutting efficiency with functional design.

Michael Rodin-Lo, CEO of Room Signage Systems GmbH:.. "Our eSignage solution again shows its strengths in the office signage sector. Commercially already well proven effective in digital product labeling, technology is constantly opening up new areas of application. Together with the managements software partner netMax this is the ideal solution for McDonald's modern training center ".

Phillip Schulz, Senior Team Manager People Development of the McDonald's training center: "The eSignage solution of Room Signage Systems GmbH has made it much easier for us to manage our classrooms, we selected the solution because of its simple installation and elegant designs combined with a simple booking interface."




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