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University of Amsterdam opts for efficient room signage

Room Signage Systems GmbH is pleased about the successful installation of its electronic door signs at the University of Amsterdam. This innovative project was conducted with the local partner Creo CPS. The wireless controlled booking system improves room usage efficiency and helps to avoid vacant meeting rooms. The University of Amsterdam has so far installed 28 eSignages for meeting rooms to replace the existing paper signs. Students and University staff can now immediately see if, by whom, and how long a room is booked. New bookings can be made or changed online via the Internet and the changes are immediately displayed on the electronic door sign.

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The fully graphical displays can display the entire day bookings, so that students can see at a glance when a space is free. Shown are time, duration and the name for the reservation or the name of the course for which the room is booked. The system is very simple to use and easy to install. The door signs are updated wirelessly via radio, without manual intervention on site. It is maintenance free and replaces previous paper printouts. It saves time and resources associated with daily replacement work.

Gerrit Oomens, ICT Manager of the Science Department at the University of Amsterdam: "The electronic door signage system helps us to improve the utilization of our meeting rooms. It allows our students to make reservations for any time of day online. Posting printed lists, which can change several times a day, was extremely inflexible. We have the hard copy now made completely unnecessary for our meeting rooms. Our goal is to provide our reputation as a leading international university to consolidate with the best possible working conditions for our students. The Room Signage Systems GmbH system provides us with a clean, efficient alternative to conventional paper lists that need to be changed and re-printed continuously. It was easy to install and is simple to use, while it saves time, paper and money at the same time. But most of all it helps us to set the right standard for managing and displaying meeting room bookings within the university.”

Michael Rodin-Lo CEO of Room Signage Systems GmbH: "We are proud to work with the University of Amsterdam as a partner, one of the world's recognized educational institutions. This project is another example of the use of our proven wireless door signs."


McDonald's Hamburger University installed eSignage1000

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netMax, partner of Room Signage Systems GmbH, equips the McDonald's "Hamburger University" in Munich with the eSignage1000 The room bookings are displayed automatically and changed easily as needed. The "Hamburger University" is one of seven McDonald's training centers around the world and trains annually about 1400 employees, so the proven flexibility of the system is important.

McDonald's previously used a paper-based system, which was time consuming and often erroneous. The introduction of just 12 mm flat digital displays of Room Signage Systems GmbH in connection with the radio-based software combines cost-cutting efficiency with functional design.

Michael Rodin-Lo, CEO of Room Signage Systems GmbH:.. "Our eSignage solution again shows its strengths in the office signage sector. Commercially already well proven effective in digital product labeling, technology is constantly opening up new areas of application. Together with the managements software partner netMax this is the ideal solution for McDonald's modern training center ".

Phillip Schulz, Senior Team Manager People Development of the McDonald's training center: "The eSignage solution of Room Signage Systems GmbH has made it much easier for us to manage our classrooms, we selected the solution because of its simple installation and elegant designs combined with a simple booking interface."

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